Gerry Maccarthy on some “normal” behaviour





I have found that during the last 20 years or so, that the English tolerance of anti-social behaviour has been sorely tainted by events.


In my own town of Sheffield, for example, people on the whole don’t seem to care much what the city and countryside ought to look like. Everywhere you look, there is litter of the sort that doesn’t rot or decompose naturally. Plastic bags, tins and bottles lie everywhere – even in hard-to-reach areas – and everywhere Man goes he leaves rubbish behind him.


In outer space Man leaves Space Rubbish floating above the Earth, which will soon become a major problem in the future – bits of old satellite and rocket could crash into sensitive equipment that still serves a useful purpose.


There is so much that is good that is wasted – it’s a crime – only just now, it seems, at a time when nearly all the Earth’s natural resources and animal and plant life are under threat of annihilation by Man’s stupidity and greed – only NOW are we beginning to realise how we are ruining it for ourselves on this planet.


We must begin to care about our lives, and the lives of others, by a change from within – so that helping ourselves and others is seen as the norm – and not as “soft behaviour”.


I help in a small way these days by picking up rubbish of any sort on the way to a bin – and often get curious looks from people going past. Sometimes I get NO reaction – which is more worrying to me – some people are so blasé that it’s incredible.


But if EVERYBODY did a little bit to show that they don’t tolerate shabbiness and filth – but like things to be clean and fresh – then the Mood of the Country might change – and we might have a real “feel-good factor”.


I look upon rubbish as a reminder that we often fail in Life. Success is measured in an untainted thing that stands on its own – Order vs Chaos – we have both in Nature – Symmetry and Entropy.


We must salvage and use what is useful in our lives, and reject the negative and foolish – with a wry smile at our own failings. Painting out Life’s Graffiti is very soothing and therapeutic, and improves “God’s Neighbourhood”.