Pie in the Sky


by Claire Cadman

The grey wispy clouds sweep over the sky
Like smoke in motion propelled by the wind.
The floating mass of ashen haze, I find
calming to watch as I sit by the window.
I have become totally detached from reality,
as I watch the transition of harmonious
white light to a crystal blue behind the
opaqueness of the mackerel-skies.

I can hear the wind like an invisible tide
rolling up to my window pane.
The fleece disperses into the waves like the
foam into a sea drift.
This is an interlude in a short chapter of
my day where I have had the serendipity
to gather my thoughts and to transform
myself from feeling tensity and stretching
into a peacefulness and tranquillity.
In this serene lyrical portrait I have set
my soul free and it soars now high above