We thank thee O not

We Thank Thee O Not


We thank thee not O psychiatry

For thou art a false god

Created by man

And used politically to subdue the population

We, who were once deemed gifted, exceptional

Have been sacrificed on the altar of normality

An artificial construct which has clipped the wings of society

Because we did not fit the mould

The tottering edifice of civilisation

Rests on the shoulders of many who would now be medicated

We are now ruled by artless mediocrities

Who think they’ve got the people fooled

Got them over a barrel

Once and for all

I am not part of you sorry little happy clappy society

Which is heading for its own destruction

Through the misapplication of the science many of the gifted created

And the erosion of the reverence for life

With which the eugenic misuse of science

Has infected the world

I am one who has suffered unimaginably

In your eugenic institutions

And you needn’t ask me now